Harvest Shares for Health Care

  • Farmers can donate directly at the elevator! We make giving simple, and this crop donation program is the "easy button" for farmers to support local health services.
  • We partner with:
    • Red River Grain
    • All Wheaton-Dumont Elevators
    • MinnKota Ag Products
    • Cargill Inc.
  • Farming accidents happen; a fall, a jacket gets caught, a sudden heart attack... It is reassuring that medical care like CHI St. Francis Health is ready when you need it in our rural communities. Since many times our facility is the closest critical access hospital for miles, we call on area farmers to support us as well.
  • Just tell your grain buying agent that you would like to give a gift of bushels, pounds,or dollars to CHI St. Francis Health Foundation at the time of grain selling settlement. Then it's done in your name, and the elevator writes us a check for the worth of your crop. It's that simple!


  • CHI St. Francis Health has given back to the community for many years through scholarship support for students going into health care fields. We have varying opportunities for student support. These have included:
  • $400-$2000 scholarships for High School seniors pursuing health-related careers.
  • We also build scholarship funds to support nursing students with a future commitment to working locally at CHI St. Francis Health.
  • And we offer the annual Hummingbird Scholarship. The Hummingbird Scholarship fund is made possible by the generosity of the family of the late Darlene Kastelle. It is in memory of Darlene who enjoyed watching hummingbirds; she was a resident in the St. Francis Nursing Home. Due to the exemplary care Darlene received from a St. Francis CNA, the family established a scholarship fund for CHI St. Francis staff working towards their nursing degree at NDSCS.


Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) distribution was funded by a 3 year Rural Access to Emergency Devices Grant Program. This grant was from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The total cost was $1,034,000 with $596,000 Federal assistance and $438,000 funded by nongovernmental sources. CHI St. Francis Health was one of 12 participating CHI hospitals in North Dakota/Minnesota.

  • Year 1 totals : 6 AEDs to 6 recipients
    • Barney ND Fire Department
    • Barney ND City Hall
    • Barney ND Rescue Vehicle
    • Mooreton ND Fire Department
    • Lidgerwood ND Ambulance
    • Lidgerwood ND Public School
  • Year 2 totals : 22 AEDs to 5 recipients
    • Richland County ND Sherriff's Department
    • Fairmount ND Fire and Rescue
    • Hankinson ND Fire Department
    • Wahpeton ND Fire Department
    • Mooreton ND Fire Department
  • Year 3 totals : 27 AEDs to 14 recipients
    • Breckenridge MN Police Department
    • Breckenridge MN Lutheran Church
    • Breckenridge MN CHI St. Francis After Hours Walk-In Clinic
    • Breckenridge MN City Hall
    • Wilkin County MN Highway Department
    • Richland County ND Sherriff's Department
    • Great Bend ND Fire Department
    • Colfax ND Fire Department
    • Mantador ND VFW
    • Wahpeton ND Parks and Recreation
    • Wahpeton ND Red River Human Services Foundation
    • Hankinson ND Public School
    • Lidgerwood ND Senior Center
    • Lidgerwood ND Museum
  • Total: 55 AEDs are now available in our service area!

AED Collaborative Annual Report, Year 1
AED Collaborative Annual Report, Year 2
AED Collaborative Annual Report, Year 3


AEDs given to over 50 organizations in the surrounding communities as a result of the Foundation's work with a $596,000 HRSA rural health grant. (Above)